YOKO-ZUNA ft. SPYCC & DAVID DALLAS ‘Introspective’

yoko zuna this place here

Rising from the Auckland underground, eclectic four-piece Yoko-Zuna have come together with some of New Zealand’s most notorious on their debut album “This Place Here”.

The genre-explorative album is split into three parts – soul, electronic and hip-hop; with the band’s musical melding taking you on a journey through sub electronic frequencies, melodic moments and immense bass- synth-fuelled drops.

Yoko-Zuna is made up of band members: Frank Eliesa (Keyboards, Synths, Bass), Swap Gomez (Drums, Percussion, Samples), Kenji Holdaway (Guitar, FX, Bass) and JY Lee (Saxophone, Flute) –
and the album brings together the who’s-who and who’s-next of NZ talent as featured guests: David Dallas, Melodownz, Bailey Wiley, Rodney Fisher and Spycc.

‘Introspective’ is a great showcase for both the band who lay down a mellow groove which builds through the track, and the features of Spycc & David Dallas.


“This Place Here” available from
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