Volume Museum Sessions: Raiza Biza feat Bianca Paulus

Volume Museum Sessions: RAIZA BIZA feat BIANCA PAULUS ‘Get By’

The one-of-a-kind performance is the first time a live band has been allowed on the Museum’s roof – usually a restricted area – and the four cameras used to shoot the event capture some stunning, rarely seen views of the city.

Near perfect conditions on the night create an incredible backdrop and Raiza Biza’s lyrics seem to flow out over the city below with the help of Bianca Paulus’ soulful voice, Victoria Kelly (vocals, Fender Rhodes piano), Mike Hall (double bass) and Crime Heat (electronic beats).

The session was recorded live by Radio New Zealand’s Andre Upston who used specially positioned microphones to capture ambient sound from the surrounding Domain to use in the track.

Volume: Making Music in Aotearoaa landmark homegrown exhibition on New Zealand music at Auckland War Memorial Museum.
28 OCT 2016 – 21 MAY 2017


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