Talking Points with P Digsss (Decemeber 2020)

TALKING POINTS on Base FM – hosted by Grassmouth
Thanks to NZ On Air Music

Featured release: Based on a True Story by Fat Freddys Drop
Released: 2005

Featured track #1: Roady
Featured track #2: Wandering Eye
Featured track #3: Del Fuego

Over the last two decades, Shapeshifter is a name that has become synonymous with summer, stomping baselines, and a few cases of synth induced madness. Bringing the power to the people on the mic is P Digsss, join us as we delve into an album that is very close to his heart, Based on a True Story by Fat Freddys Drop.

Undoubtedly one of the most influential and well-toured albums to come out of little Aotearoa this millennia, Based on A True Story resonates with young and old with its never-ending grooves and experimental excursions into sound. Digsss shares some great stories of his involvement with the album and an era of NZ music that will never be repeated.

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