Hosted by: Max Oldfield

Guest reviewer: ENO (ENO x DIRTY)

Featured release: Rizvan – Neverland

Released: 2017

Featured track #1: Bill$

Featured track #2: Lotus feat. LaCoco & Lion Dixon

Featured track #3: Can I Get A Light?

ENO is an Auckland based hip hop producer, known for his work with Supervillains (RMC), Bailey Wiley, Gotenks and ENO x DIRTY.

Rizvan is a rapper, singer, producer and recording engineer from Auckland’s North Shore. With an extensive body of work behind him, dating back to the days of Breakin Wreckwordz, he is heavily involved in the continually blossoming New Zealand hip hop scene, with a hand in the release of work from Diggy Dupe, SFT and The Midnight Trips through his label Renaissance Music.

Rizvan’s “Neverland” is available as a pay-as-you-like download from

Talking Points is thanks to NZ OnAir Music

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