Super Villians (RMC)From the gloomy depths of Auckland City come the “SUPERVILLAINS” A Hip Hop collective bringing you a 90s style of upbeat BOOM BAP, BIBIDY rap and swayze swagged out bangers.

Fred Bishop – Fang Wei a.k.a The Bishop
Piata Turei – Piatao a.k.a Sweaty Tooth MadMan
Liam Bree – Michael Checker a.k.a Stich Mouth Killah 
Manu Walters – Dirty Q a.k.a The Unaminous Screw Face 
Eden Jouavel – Eno a.k.a The Black Surgeon

Win yourself a copy of the EP all week on Base FM, check out the tunes on Bandcamp, or buy the CD from Conch, Arcade or Santos Cafe Ponsonby.

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