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Live DJs from 7.30am ‘til midnight every day. 100% DJs Choice.

Base Breakfast with Ian Beatmaster Wright & Yannika Tavai
Base Breakfast with Ian Beatmaster Wright & Yannika Tavai
Base Breakfast with Ian Beatmaster Wright & Yannika Tavai
In The Neighbourhood with Ian Beatmaster Wright
Base Breakfast with Ian Beatmaster Wright & Yannika Tavai
Saturday Morning Joints with Bain & Adam
Smooth Cru with Sene & Mark Graham
A Groove Theory with Kirk James
Remembering Yesterdays with Matt TT
Actual Proof Radio with DJ Tido
Soulection with Joe Kay
Solo Sessions with Esther Elmi
Ring The Alarm with Peter Mac
Natural Selections with Jamal
Afternoon Delight with Grantis
Radio Blog with Nathan James
Mixed Bizness with Mixed Biz crew
Māori Martini with djahvu
Saucer Show with Sam E
The Jukebox with Benn Morrison & Funk Ferret
Tuff Love / Social Sundays with Megan / Jafa Mafia
Tuesday Tunes with D-Low / Ford
Beneath The Surface with Anirvan Deva
Riddim Culture with Sgt Benji
Indigenous Dubs (NZ Music Mix) with NZ On Air Music
Pacific Current / Snap krackle n pop with Gene Rivers / Mr MiXXWeLL
Been to Berlin Once / The Mixed Bagg with El Trendelino / Arcane & Friends
Native Tongues with Yannika
Drive Slow, Homie with AdornoLIFE
Conscious Revolution on Monday Drive with Soulyric
Dynasty Collective / Boom Boom Selecta with Andyheartthrob / DJ Spooth & Jinetero MC
Special Needs with Sweetpants
Heads Garage with Stevie Oxton
Friday Drive with Sunshine Sound System with Downtown Brown, KP & Stauny Pops
The Third Ear with Suno
Just Chillin with Marvin & MK
The Jacuzzi Comedown / Lowtide. with Lanvin Mogul / Lowtide.
Chapeau with ORIKoL
Off The Record with Dan Paine, Yam Jams, Mr Brown
Run with the Wolves with Kat & Scarlett
The Stoop with Oaariki, Golden Mane & El'Trendelino
Big Bot Radio with Mates & Crates
Beats on Rye / Down For The Count with El Pasko / AD.1
The Basement with Nick & Nabeel
Pick & Mix with Ray Guevara
Deep in the Crates / The Peace n Dub Show with Azbo / Empress Naima
The Boil Up with Dusty & Apera
Full Metal Racket with Danny 2 Chains, Lui Silk, Issa
Jugglin’ with FJ
Infrequent Flyer with Kamal
Liquid Lowdown with Chiccoreli
The Sub Zero Show with Kringer
Parade Radio / RELOAD with DJ Exxon / Parade Radio
Spectrum Beats with Eavesdrop, Skelta & Teknik
Roots & Future with Original Vibe
Drunk Elephant Soundsystem / Keep Moving with OoGun / Pippin
Whatever’s Radio / Nightfall with Whatever's Radio / Sister Rosa