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Live DJs from 7.30am ‘til midnight every day. 100% DJs Choice.

Base Breakfast with Ian Beatmaster Wright & Yannika Tavai
Base Breakfast with Ian Beatmaster Wright & Yannika Tavai
Base Breakfast with Ian Beatmaster Wright & Yannika Tavai
In The Neighbourhood with Ian Beatmaster Wright
Base Breakfast with Ian Beatmaster Wright & Yannika Tavai
Saturday Morning Joints with Bain & Adam
Smooth Cru with Sene & Mark Graham
A Groove Theory with Kirk James
Sampa Boogie / Remembering Yesterdays with Lucas Datt / Matt TT
Actual Proof Radio with DJ Tido
Soulection with Joe Kay
The Drop with Wam
Ring The Alarm with Peter Mac
Natural Selections with Israel Carter & Jamal
Afternoon Delight with Grantis
Radio Blog with Nathan James
Mixed Bizness with Mixed Biz crew
Māori Martini with djahvu
Saucer Show with Sam E
The Jukebox with Benn Morrison & Funk Ferret
Tuff Love / Social Sundays with Megan / Jafa Mafia
Tuesday Tunes with D-Low / Ford
Beneath The Surface with Anirvan Deva
Riddim Culture with Sgt Benji
Indigenous Dubs (NZ Music Mix) with NZ On Air Music
Pacific Current / Snap krackle n pop with Gene Rivers / Mr MiXXWeLL
Been to Berlin Once / More with L’amour with El Trendelino / L'amour
Native Tongues with Base Fm
The Smokey Session with Smokey Barrack
Conscious Revolution on Monday Drive with Soulyric
Dynasty Collective / Boom Boom Selecta with Andyheartthrob / DJ Spooth & Jinetero MC
Special Needs with Sweetpants
Heads Garage with Stevie Oxton
Friday Drive with Sunshine Sound System with Downtown Brown, KP & Stauny Pops
The Third Ear with Suno
Just Chillin with Marvin & MK
The Jacuzzi Comedown / Lowtide. with Lanvin Mogul / Lowtide.
Chapeau / Nightfall with ORIKoL / Sista Rosa
Off The Record with Dan Paine, Yam Jams, Mr Brown
Run with the Wolves with Kat & Scarlett
The Stoop with Oaariki, Golden Mane & El'Trendelino
Big Bot Radio with Mates & Crates
Beats on Rye / Down For The Count with El Pasko / AD.1
The Basement with Nick & Nabeel
Pick & Mix with Ray Guevara
Deep in the Crates / The Peace n Dub Show with Azbo / Empress Naima
The Boil Up with Dusty & Apera
Full Metal Racket with Danny 2 Chains, Lui Silk, Issa
Jugglin’ with FJ
Infrequent Flyer with Kamal
Liquid Lowdown with Chiccoreli
The Sub Zero Show with Kringer
Parade Radio / RELOAD with DJ Exxon / Parade Radio
Spectrum Beats with Eavesdrop, Skelta & Teknik
Roots & Future with Original Vibe
Drunk Elephant Soundsystem / Keep Moving with OoGun / Pippin
Whatever’s Radio with Sam and Zing