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Tuesdays 6pm-8pm:  Alternating weekly ‘We Love Music’ with Caston Major and ‘Chapeau’ with ORIKoL

Caston Major

Ruairi aka Caston Major fell in love with music at an early age while listening to his father play jazz and blues on an upright piano, his dad also introduced him to his first record, an early recording by Bessie Smith ‘T’ain’t Nobody’s Bizness If I Do’ and since then has been hooked.

At 15, he was huddled around one set of turntables and a mixer shared between himself and three friends, with a new love for all kinds of electronic music inspired by the likes of Aphex Twin, Optimo, Andrew Weatherall and David Holmes. They took regular trips to seminal clubnight ‘Shine’ in Belfast and quickly began playing out in the small but lively club scene in the northwest of Ireland.

But it was Edinburgh in bonnie Scotland, where Ruairi cut his teeth and immersed himself in nightclub culture, not only playing regularly, but running and programming two of the most successful underground clubs in Edinburgh. Over a 10 year period he has racked up and enormous list of support and headline shows with artists such as Peter Hook, Mr Scruff, Soulwax, Mr Thing, Dj Dexter (The Avalanches), Erol Alkan, Matthew Dear, The Juan Maclean, Joe Goddard, Tim Burgess (The Charlatans)…… to name 10.

After making the decision to jump the large ditch and fly to Aotearoa, Ruairi settled into the ‘City of a Thousand Lovers’ and has been playing around New Zealand for the last 6 years. Once head programmer at Cassette, partner in the creation of Neck of the Woods and a heavy supporter of the music scene here in Auckland, he has been on quite the musical trip.

Thom Clark

Difficult to find the words for this almighty music brain, which pretty much covers it, always a little musical master class with a record collection most would give their left nipple to own.

The ‘We Love Music’ show is a small family of music lovers and collectors covering world soul music from all corners with a touch of electronic and dance floor heat for good measure. Ruairi and Thom will be regulars on the show with other music lovers joining on occasion.

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It’s such a pleasure to be a part of this cool as station. I go by the name ORIKoL and I am from Burundi. 13 years ago, Aotearoa embraced me as her daughter and did so gracefully which I am ever grateful for. Since then I have got a bachelor of communication from Massey, run a not for profit organization and managed a community radio station. I now create events, perform and DJ.

For clubs, community and festival events I like to focus on spinning Afrobeats inspired by mama Afrika. Here on BaseFM, I hope to infuse a little magik into your day via the airwaves. Music makes everything better, behind the wheel, romantically engaged or even getting you to shake off the day when washing the dishes. It’s such a delight to have this opportunity to share my love of the African music and beats, especially the thought that I can play music you’ve never heard before and you end up liking it.  Oh How I love my Job!

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