Tuff Love / Social Sundays

Sundays 12-2pm with Tuff Love with Megan & Social Sundays with Jafa Mafia on fortnight rotation 

Laying down the smoothest vibes every 2nd Sunday, Megan has been a part of the Base FM family for years. Soul, groove, funk and reggae is the order of the day. Show some love for ladies!


Jafa Mafia is one of New Zealand’s ranking reggae Soundsystems. Returning to Sunday’s airwaves to revive the vibe of their long-running earlier Base show ‘Strictly 45’s”. Expect the latest in sweet Nu Roots, Reggae, Lovers, Dub and Dancehall of all vintages, journeys back to some of the classics plus regular eclectic excursions… Tobi and Kwinton Jafa host joined by guest selectors of the likes of Merriman, Dj SkaRob and Ray Guevara and other suspects. A bit of chat about what’s latest and greatest in music and gigs but mostly you can sit back and soak up the musical meds!



  • Sunday - 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

7 Responses

  1. Megan says:

    Kia. Ora yes the Trammps song teaser was rather sexist in attitude so yes …not cool
    but it was produce back in 1978 hence the outdated ideaologee thanks for tuning in thioe megan

  2. Vee Cool says:

    I’m enjoying the show but, finding that Teaser song you just played rather anti-women. Women should be able to say no without being labelled teaser i reckon.

  3. CMT says:

    Tobe!! Chur from Shylo!! listening from Gritty gizzy city!

  4. jim says:

    Only live? Is there a link to a recording of Jafa Mafia show? Sort it out, Tobe.

  5. icp says:

    Hey, you’re playing the best of the best! Big ups from Ohau, Levin.

  6. Annette Phillips says:

    Hello! Enjoying the tunes down in Wanaka, who have we been hearing the last 10mins

  7. young mish says:


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