Thursday Night Get Down / The Sesh

Thursdays 10pm-12am, alternating weekly between Thursday Night Get Down with DJ Exxon and The Sesh with Katsbii

Thursday Night Get Down with DJ Exxon (aka Leon Foley)

It all started off in the early 90’s rave scene in Wellington, moving to Auckland to study and building a long standing partnership with music compadre Louis B. Their love of quirky beats progressed to outdoor raves, a house residency at the Hush Bar, to a multi Genre radio show on the now defunct Red FM.

From here 9 years in the North London Drum and Bass scene, Exxon would often be found foraging through the record stores of Camden and Soho, this is where his passion for vinyl grew. As a regular to Thursday’s Movement Night at Bar Rumba, Exxon saw behind the scene and found it was not always about showcasing the latest tunes.

Becoming part of Resource D and B, DJ Exxon developed his craft in creating fusion of old Skool and new Skool beats. Not limiting his involvement in the scene Exxon found Origin FM which opened the doors to the underground culture, progressing to studio builds and a Friday night show. Between East London Parties with Resource and North London radio with Exxon put that vinyl collection to good use.

Returning to NZ to enjoy family life, Exxon keeps up to date with beats as released and with use of Serato still keeps it locked on the ones and twos.

Not afraid to pull up a tune the aptly named RELOAD show captures the vibe of the music.

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The Sesh with Katzbii
New, up and coming artists of the Base FM family they will continue the tradition of bringing you the soul of NZ DNB culture. ‘The Sesh’ with Merks, Nucleic and Katzbii.
Tune in every 2nd week, Thursday nights at 10pm till midnight with these bass gremlins for your pulse on what New Zealand Drum & Bass is about.
Long live the drums, snares and dutty basslines of Aotearoa.



  • Thursday - 10:00 pm - 12:00 am

6 Responses

  1. Patricia says:

    Ever heard of Peter Hammill?
    Give him a play.
    Could be big in NZ.

  2. Patricia says:

    thank You very much! Bloody well done xxx


  3. Patricia says:

    We are still listening! Where is ABBA? We are leaving tomorrow.
    Lots of love
    Your extra favourite aunt from London xx

  4. Patricia says:

    Please can we have something a bit jollier please?

  5. Patricia says:

    Ok please can you play Dancing Queen for me and Mary?

  6. Patricia says:

    Hi Rob
    Your lovely aunt Patricia here. Your dad’s phone ran out of battery, but we are trying to listen now if you can give us a mention!
    Lots of love

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