Beats on Rye / Down For The Count

Sundays 6pm-8pm alternating weekly Beats on Rye with El Pasko and Down For The Count with AD.1

Beats on Rye with El Pasko

El Pasko originally hails from Christchurch, where he had a residency spot at Concrete Club and held down turntable duties at the dolla mix hip hop show on RDU. After that, moved up to Wellington and played hot spots like Good Luck, Havana and at numerous gigs in the local hip hop/future beat scene. Currently residing in Auckland and proud to bring you Beats on Rye. Beats on Rye is as the name suggests mainly about the beats. From classic to new work from dope producers all over the globe. A perfect way to wind down or wind up your Sunday.

Down For The Count with AD.1

AD.1 is a man who has worn many hats over the years yet one that fits the best is DJ, with a love for music that has not only grown with the years yet also become more diverse and eclectic with his style best being described as broad and definitely a melting pot.

With a sound that takes in everything from Jazz to Soul to Latin to Afrobeat to Downbeat to Hip Hop to Library Records to Early Rock and beyond. Not only does AD.1’s sound take in artists of old yet also those of the new and you’ll definitely always find him digging for new sounds so as to bring you a magical mystery music journey.


  • Sunday - 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

3 Responses

  1. Debs says:

    Kia Ora guys do you post play lists of your shows? I’m trying to I. D the the track that was playing around 7.20pm. Lyric was there must be unity.
    Cheers debs

  2. AD.1 says:


    Hope you’re well man and hopefully this will reach you. Here is a link for the show in question (March 11th) and would be more than happy to send you a mp3 if you so wish and thank you so much for the kind words.


  3. Darren Booth says:

    Hi Guy’s, I accidently picked BassFm in my favouriites last Sunday arvo. Boy was I pleased about that. By 615 (OZ Time) I was totally connected mediating into your sounds. The sounds opened me up into crying beautiful tears of joy. A relisation of how happy I was to be here, alive to experience these wonderful tunes you have to share with all of us beautiful souls. Finding your sounds working as a key opening me up where never before. Blown away by these tunes and how I was taken to such a beautiful place, I would do anything for a copy of the mix on the 11th Mar 18. Feeling what I did in that moment is something I have looked for high and low for many many years. Taking me to the next level, you guy’s did it for me. Anything at all in links, labels, mixes etc that could take me there again I would be so greatful for. Those sounds connecting me to a higher self, feeling the power to fast track myself spiritually into higher grounds I know I would get so much out of it. With total respect how you guy’s would like to keep those sounds close to heart I understand. Massive ups and love from me, I thank you for sharing such amazing sounds.


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