The Jacuzzi Comedown / Lowtide.

Mondays 6pm-8pm, alternating weekly The Jacuzzi Comedown with Lanvin Mogul and Lowtide. with Native Bush and SlacMac

The Jacuzzi Comedown with Lanvin Mogul

Pat Brennan aka Lanvin Mogul cut his teeth at the mighty VBC whilst racking up student debt at Victoria University in Wellington. He held down a show during his final year at University playing an eclectic mix of absolutely bloody anything – they were very formative years for the young Taranaki boy and some that would see his passion for music production and selection flourish. During this time he began to produce music as a hobby whilst playing in various bands from Max and the Wild Things to First Floor Riot. Following a brief stint overseas Pat returned to Auckland to attend MAINZ and study under the world class tutelage of DJs Recloose, Phillipa and CXL.

This quickly opened his eyes to the industry and provided him with unmatched opportunities such as producing the Hit It & Quit It radio show and holding down the Radio Ponsonby Friday Drive until it’s eventual closure.

After returning from some years in Europe Pat has rekindled his love for the airwaves on Base Fm through The Jacuzzi Comedown – a fortnightly, lo-fi exploration of dusty dancefloors and broken house. Drawing inspiration from his roots in experimental hip-hop and the early beats scene, Pat’s current sound is one born of the European Sunday afternoon outdoor session; of the dark, quirky, red-light radio; as much of the lo-fi, analogue, dancefloor classics as of the genre-bending, house stylings of artists such as Phil Gerus, Frits Wentink and Black Loops. With a few fanciful nods to 80’s synths, comical nostalgia and quality smack talk the show is an all-encompassing tour-de-force of where dance, and more specifically house has been, is, and most importantly will continue to go.

Lowtide. with Native Bush and SlacMac

Since setting up in 2016, Lowtide. has evolved from a Tāmaki based collective operating within underground Aotearoa, to a multi-faceted entity that platforms NZ creatives across local and international tides, facilitating a creative agency and sustainability.

They have strong affections for Jazz influence and the constant wave of emerging jazz musicians, hosting regular contemporary jazz nights as well as a back catalogue of artists such as Lord Echo, Julien Dyne, DUAL, Wax Chattels, The Beths and more. Lowtide. is about community collectives inc. The Grow Room and Cosmic Compositions.

Tune in for deep fortnightly explorations of what moves beneath the surface… worlds of fresh, foreign and familiar landscapes. Anything from Latin jazz to Boogie to Footwork, it’s a shared eclectica with the odd trip beyond! Hosted on behalf by resident Lowtide. selectors Native Bush, SlacMac and the occasional guest.

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  • Monday - 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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