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Nick FitzHerbert: (while he was sleeping someone took his DJ name)
“The Basement” host alongside Nabeel Zuberi almost right from the word go. Manuel Bundy had the foresight to put them on Saturday afternoon where they have been happily existing between the Headspace and Mania Toa. When feeling talkative they do film reviews, wax lyrical about current events and rave about things that have caught their ear. Occasionally they have been known to theme whole shows as well (effort!). But generally they just play stuff they like. Genres and purists be damned. Despite what someone people might think Nick is not from America (although it has many nice places and people) or Canada (many good things and folks there too). And you know, it ain’t where you’re from, it’s where you’re at.

He has taken some of Nabeel’s classes and they are all good. He has done some of his own writing, but after a professional stint in journalism has been a little quiet. This may or may not change in the immediate future.

Nabeel Zuberi:
Anything put to record is game.  Nabeel and Nick also review films, chat about other media/pop culture stuff and interview occasional guests. In his day job Nabeel is a low-end theorist, research supervisor and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Film, Television and Media Studies, University of Auckland. His classes include: Popular Music on Screen; Bollywood & Beyond; Media, Sound & Music.

His publications include: Sounds English: Transnational Popular Music (2001), Media Studies in Aotearoa/New Zealand (2004), and many academic articles and book chapters on film, TV, music and media. Currently researching digital music and war/terror media.

Born in Karachi, toddled in Aden, raised and schooled around the UK, schooled more just outside Detroit and deep in the heart of Tejas. Wrote music and arts journalism for the Michigan Daily and Detroit Metro Times from 1989-90. Hosted radio show Roots & Routes on KVRX Austin 91.7 FM from 1994-95. Landed in Aotearoa in Jan 1997.

Blog: Topical Ointment


  • Monday - 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

6 Responses

  1. Logan says:

    What’s that song – live on the outskirts of town, people come around song?

  2. Nick craike says:

    Yo totally forgot what the pub was called that you can smoke inside at was. Can you help chuuur keep up the dope beats

  3. eamon says:

    I’m trying to find a song played around 9.20-9.30 this morning…something with the lyrics “love is all we need” or something similar. Was soooo cool…but i forgot anything to search it with haha

    Love this station by the way guys…Keep it up 🙂

  4. Nick says:

    “Here it goes a little something like this” song with a really repetitive annoying beat. This needs to stop being played the only song on the daily playlists that makes me change station. Cheers from a concerned builder in christchurch

  5. Shrimpo says:

    Low-end theorist?

  6. Damian ` says:

    Just wondering if you have a playlist from last nights’ show (10 November)?


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