Friday Drive with Sunshine Sound System

Friday Drive is proudly sponsored by 8 Wired Barrelworks

Fridays 4pm – 6pm

Sunshine Sound System was formed in 2000 when Downtown Brown (Simon Hendl) moved to Queenstown after finishing his medical degree, instantly connecting with the extraordinary talents of both P Digsss (Paora Apera) of Shapeshifter and KPZ (Kyle Popham). They have been smashing shows the length of NZ ever since with their trademark soundsystem-style celebration of hip-hop, reggae/dub, dancehall, original skool soul and funk, all the way though to glitch, jungle and trap. 

Numerous luminary collaborators regularly drop in on the Sunshine Sound, including MC Switch, DJ Turbohag, and featuring more recently MC Tali, Laughton Kora (Kora & LAB), and Tyra Hammond (Opensouls).

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  • Friday - 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

4 Responses

  1. Zoe says:

    Can I ask the name/remix version …. of the last 2 tracks played in the show tonight ?

  2. Antonia Crowley says:

    Missed show. Anyway of hearing it? Do they get recorded?


  3. Nick Wilson says:

    Missed tonights show. Anyway of hearing it? Do they get recorded?

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