Spectrum Beats

Skelta x Teknik

Thursday 10pm-midnight. Spectrum Beats is a full spectrum Drum & Bass show hosted by Eavesdrop, Skelta & Teknik.

“My aim is to produce something special with soul that evokes emotion for my listeners, and fans.” – Eavesdrop

Spectrum Beats Radio is dedicated to showcasing the full scope of the D&B genre, with each DJ bringing their own unique selection of tunes showcasing their favourite styles and influences. The show has regular featured guests and music from now, then, and the future. The show also includes segments such as Back to the Future, where they dive back into the dusty crates to handpick an oldskool classic then catapult in the future to then showcase a specially selected exclusive new tune never heard or previously unreleased. Moving into the second half of the show calls for a half time whistle, and of course there’s know better way than a half time tune, selected on rotation by the hosts each week.  Tune in for your regular dose of Drum & Bass from around the global every Thursday 10-12pm.


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  • Thursday - 10:00 pm - 12:00 am

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  1. Belinda King says:

    Hi Leon.

    Gooood tunes 🙂

    Belinda trevs belinda x

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