Soup Kitchen / Subtropica Showcase

Wednesday 2pm-4pm with Bharat and with Chica Licoricaon fortnightly rotation.


Bharat’s passion for good music goes back from the late 60s. Growing up in Fiji he organised concerts and ended up writing a music column for the Sunday Times which led to him becoming a full-time journalist. In recent years he is often seen around at gigs and has attended many festivals including all the Womad festivals in New Zealand since it began.

On Soup Kitchen he plays tasty beats from around the globe. Bharat loves jazz, blues, soul, funk,reggae, Latin and African grooves. The music’s got to have some cutting edge to it. He’s been living in Grey Lynn since 1990 and experienced many new changes to the area….

Showcasing the abundance of emerging producer talent from Latin America and beyond, Chica is excited to bring you her latest discoveries from around the globe and any back stories that can be found.

Creating her own event series Subtropica Productions since 2013, Chica has aimed to build a platform for tropical music in NZ by collaborating with many local and international talents to bring unique and immersive event productions to NZ festivals and venues.

Tune in to find out what’s cooking on the tropical radar, including interviews, new releases and special event announcements. Starting out as a radio DJ for Melbourne’s PBS FM in 2007 with weekly ‘Beat Carnival’, Licorica has continued to host global bass shows on Radio Ponsonby’s ‘Ladies Who Lunch’, Waiheke Radios ‘Planeta Loca’ and now Base FM.

Producing tropical events has meant being able to play alongside Baile Funk pioneer and Man Recordings label legend Daniel Haaksman, Melbourne’s Cumbia Cosmonauts, Mad Decent & Redbull academy selection Lewis Cancut, and some of NZ’s best world beats proponents Latinaotearoa, Weird Together, Cumbia Bros and Sorceress to name a few. Chica is stoked to be bringing her tropical jams to BaseFM ears.


  • Wednesday - 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

5 Responses

  1. Cait says:

    Fkn awesome tunes today brother!! Wish I had a list of the songs lol. Mean as

  2. Fred Reymond says:

    Hey Bharat
    Unable to listen to your Soup Kitchen up here in Whangarei – online. All that comes up on the screen is the Base logo.
    I think I mentioned this to you sometime ago.
    Any suggestions or reason why this is so.
    Cheers mate.

  3. Joe says:

    Please please Holla us the list of music you been playing today on base fm!! If it’s no hustle I looked the session

  4. Ranjani singh says:

    Hope to catch the show next Wednesday!!

  5. Josh says:

    your show was awesome today man.. Really liked it. Cheers. Josh

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