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Soulection with Joe Kay

Soulection is a record label, radio show and niche collective of creative music makers and programmers worldwide. Based in Los Angeles, CA, Soulection curates timeless music from around the world and increases visibility for The Sound Of Tomorrow™ through radio, traditional releases, live events and curated visuals.


In January of 2011, the first episode of Soulection radio aired one hour outside of Los Angeles on Long Beach college radio station, KBEACH and 175 shows later, Soulection made the progression to London-based to expand the brand further worldwide lead by Soulection’s Head A&R, Co-Founder and radio show host/creator Joe Kay. Shortly after, Red Bull Studios LA opened up their doors to help us take Soulection Radio and our creative collaborations to the next level. July 4, 2015 marks the first day of Soulection Radio broadcasting to over 100 countries on Beats1 via Apple Music.

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  • Thursday - 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

2 Responses

  1. Chantal DE sousa says:

    Didn’t get time to Shazam the last Brazilian song …I want to know.Damn.

  2. Aroha says:

    This set got me on da best vibe whoever spinnin these tracks got the taste and got my attention THANK U LA please post up set list do i can please myself at home wit deez beats

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