Smashey & Nicey

Smashey and Nicey

Saturday 4pm – 6pm with CoopaBlu & Average White DJ

The Smashey & Nicey show tracks the slow, and at times entertaining demise of a functioning alcoholic and his patient, long-suffering and vastly nicer friend.  With a combined 87 years of DJing experience between them, the stories and experiences of the two are impressive to say the least. For instance, it is widely rumoured they were responsible for many, joining the now crowded ranks of the disk jockey (including the likes of Blackburn and Wogan) the latter falling out of favour with the pair after he put his success down to “clean living and plenty of roughage”.  Nicey’s ever present positive tone has been more recently used to assist Westwood’s ability to “keep it bouncing”.

 Tune in to Base FM every Saturday at 4pm to hear the musical diary of two, once great men, fighting off the daily advance of senility, incontinence and bad taste.


Born a Kiwi but raised in the UK, CoopaBlu was brought up on a sultry diet of John Peel, Hip Hop, Motown, Dancehall, Ska and Soul. Collecting tunes and spinning since the heady housey days of 1988 – he has a wide taste for all things suitably nod-worthy; from Deep Disco Basslines, Afrobeat and assorted Bass-driven antics. His philosophy is to celebrate versatility and is at home collaging the unexpected whenever possible.

Since arriving back in 2002 he has continued to follow his passion for good music with long-running shows on Wellington’s FirmFM and Radio Active; helped spread some sunshine at the Cuba Street Carnival and set up Wellington’s long running ‘Sundried’ garden summer sessions. Since moving to Auckland in 2007 and heading straight to BaseFM he now holds down the long-running genre-juggernaut that is the ‘Smashey & Nicey’ show on Saturday afternoons, with fellow cohort AWDJ.

Apart from all that, if he isn’t appearing on stage or screen he can be seen propping up the turntables at one of the many ‘Jam’ and ‘Pickle’ events across the country.

Coopa Blu


Rich started DJing in 1990 around Auckland playing mainly hip hop and r’n’b.  He discovered techno early on and headed on a long trip into heavy electronica, putting in a pile of parties and promotions under various guises in Auckland clubs and other spots around NZ during the 90’s. In 2000 he headed over to London, re-connected with his roots, started playing parties in Soho, moved on to rare groove parties in Angel and various residencies, crewed up with the Tukai/Bloom posse, and went on to play parties around South England, London, various festivals and even the Thames itself!

Returned to NZ in 2008 with a brief stint at Tabac and is now to be found mooching around the corridors of Base HQ filling in for anyone absent and having a ball while doing it.

Career highlights include among others, support slots for Richie Hawtin, Thomas Heckmann, Freddy Fresh, Mechanism/Micronism, Jazzie B, Dr Rubberfunk, Crazy P, Belleruche, all the Move parties, the Tukai boat parties and the Bloom Festivals.

Average White DJ


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  1. Coop says:

    Latest show. Plenty more in the Mixcloud archives, enjoy.

  2. Coop says:

    Ya can’t cop tha stream bro innit!

  3. rich says:

    yo, cant cop the stream bro. any ideas?

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