Run With The Wolves

Thursdays 6pm-8pm

Run With The Wolves with Kat & Scarlett

Your hosts Kat & Scarlett are two good friends, DJs & party creators who with invited guests, share their beloved sounds with you.

Expect anything from a little Congotronics, Nigerian pop, highlife, jazz, house, dub, gospel, electro, EBM, Japanese environmental music, to rnb, soul, wild experimental club & sessions exploring LPs made by iconic artists such as Chaka Khan, Sade & Grace Jones.

No rules, just music selected from the heart.


  • Thursday - 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

5 Responses

  1. Maybe you wanna listen to our selection, too ?

  2. Michael Gimpel says:

    you´re such nice ladies – you should get more attention. I´m shure there are more international listeners out there listening to your selection.

  3. Scarlett Bradfield says:

    Hey Michael,
    Thank you for the sweet message – glad you enjoyed the show & thrilled to hear we have some international listeners x Scarlett

  4. Michael Gimpel says:

    i like your music selection, and by the way i heard in gisborne (north island) people go shopping in sleeping cloth – is this true ?

  5. Michael Gimpel says:

    Hello Kat & Scarlett,
    i´m from germany and i just woke up in the morning 9.30 am – 1 hour ago i feel like an old chewing gum but now i dreamed a little to your show and i´m now feeling freshed up again -thank you 🙂
    best regards

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