Raps and Chats / The Low End Theory

Sunday 10pm to midnight alternating between Raps and Chats and The Low End Theory

Raps and Chats with Arlea Jean and DJ Scizzorhands

To say Arlea is a Hip Hop fan is an understatement. She has worked with a long list of both local and international artists for over a decade and counting as an artist liaison. Recently she has been heavily involved in another subject close to her heart, and in the process become an avid proponent of mental health and well being. She is now studying to become a social worker, she’s hoping to be able to help those who need it most within the community.

Hailing from West Auckland, New Zealand, Scizzorhands is a world class turntablist who is always improving on skill and knowledge, bringing a variety of music in a hip-hop way. From a young age, he was influenced by his grandparents and family who introduced him to music in the form of a drum kit at age 11. Aged 17, Scizzorhands invested in his first set of turntables. Being heavily influenced by the likes of Mix Master Mike (Beastie Boys), DJ Rectangle and New Zealand’s own P-Money, he
started down the path of becoming a turntablist DJ. Self-taught, Scizzorhands upskilled his scratching under the tutelage of New Zealand’s 2003 DMC World Champion DJ CXL

Together they have combined forces to share their love for Hip Hop music and to spread good vibes throughout the Motu. The shows called ‘Raps and Chats’ where they do just that, they play ‘raps’ and they have ‘chats’ touching on everything from positive happenings in the community to health and wellbeing.

Catch Arlea and DJ Scizzorhands for ‘Raps and Chats’ every second Sunday 10pm – Midnight

The Low End Theory with OB & Shan

Straight outta’ Melbourne & Sydney! The Low End Theory with DJ’s Obliveus & Shan’ 🎧🎤🎛🎶

Two mates from 2 cities streaming across the pond to 2 countries sounds like a great idea, so the boys have decided to use all the technology at their disposal to dish up the best in funk, hiphop, reggae, disco, house, soul and boogie classics and future classics every week for your listening pleasure.

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  • Sunday - 10:00 pm - 12:00 am

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