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Nathan James is originally from the UK (spending most of his time in London) but he’s also lived and worked in New York, Stockholm, Amsterdam and now Auckland. While his show, RadioBlog®, has strong roots in the UK (with a heavy London skew), there’s also a good dose of randomness in there that Nathan puts down to the different cultures he’s lurked in.

A bit of a geek, Nathan runs his own advertising agency and film production operation, is a gamer, makes sausages, writes, produces, shoots and edits film and is generally pretty keen on tech – RadioBlog® is a product of that way of thinking.

A blog, on the radio. A stream of sound, covering Beats, Downbeat, Drum & Bass, Nu Disco, Hip Hop, Indie Dance, Electronic, Soul, Tech House, Mash-Ups to name but a few. And having sold all his vinyl about ten years ago and switched to binary based music – Nathan ‘digitally’ curates the show each week using the any number of world wide pipetube services to pull together new and not so new ‘out of this world type sounds’.

Look out, here we go.

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  • Tuesday - 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

4 Responses

  1. CMT says:

    He (CheFu) has worn a backpack since the navigator album. Yes he is a voyager and is going places!!

  2. Anirvan Deva says:

    Hey brother, listening right now… I love 2017 from Four Tet, such a great tune!

  3. Wickhampedia says:

    There are a few design studios in old London town listening to Radio Blog…keep them coming.

  4. I like your blog so much the radio is one which we listen anywhere it. I love music to sing and listen and that radio is one helps me too much in this. I love your music track so much I have a music box with harry potter sound this has cool sound in listen

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