Off The Record

Wednesday 6-8pm with an ensemble cast of DAN PAINE, YAM JAMS and MR BROWN.

Off the Record is a little different from some shows as they have a rotation of DJ’s. Dan Paine started it off in 2005 from the old studio. After the arrival of children, they have managed to keep it going. First with DJ Aimee then they also had both YAM JAMS and Morgan Hammond come on board about two years ago. Morgan moved down south a little while back and now we have Mr. Brown (The Chin Check).
Yam Jams-1
Yam Jams AKA DJ Johnny Elbo, DJ Moon-Eyes & DJ Rohan 
Originally formed as a club night early in 2008, and have had a monthly party ever since then, and currently reside at Bedford Soda and Liquor playing on the second Friday of the month.
Their sonic influence is anything rhythm driven, played with sincerity and skill. With a fondness for the Detroit sound as a musical sub-region of the North American art form. With sets laced with Funk, Soul and Disco joints through to sample based Hip Hop, Detroit techno and soulful house.
Keep up with Yam Jams:
Dan Paine
His vibe is laid-back with an eclectic style throughout his set. Taking in any or all of the following; Beats, Electronic, Latin, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Hip Hop, House, Rock, Pop and Classics. His show is generally really fresh music laced with a handful of classics and recent releases.
Lookout for Dan playing live at Leigh Sawmill Cafe, Ponsonby Social Club or teaming up with Dylan C as The Drum Runners.
Off the Record is more commonly known as OTR these days; it’s a little more ambiguous as often the DJ’s on the show are playing off Serato as much as vinyl – the ‘record’ part of the title is a little more diluted now. Also, OTR is an homage to 80’s music TV show RTR.



  • Wednesday - 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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  1. Ben Davison says:

    I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to find this..

  2. Rua Acorn says:

    Nice one guys!
    Off the Record and straight onto my breakfast.
    Enjoying the tunes here in London.
    Rua & Luki

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