Natural Selections

Sundays 10am-12pm

Natural Selections with Jamal

Welcome to Natural Selections hosted by Jamal, bringing you the perfect blend of comfy dub and downbeat grooves for your Sunday morning enjoyment.  Searching the globe for the right sounds and getting them delivered to the front door, Jamal will be joined by guests and looks forward to sharing beautiful sounds with you. Mellow vibe scene!




  • Sunday - 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

7 Responses

  1. Andre Nola says:


    Any chance of a link to this mix – Sunday 10am-Midday 15.07.2018??
    Natural Selections
    Israel Carter

    Thank’s basefm!!


  2. Judith says:

    you guys and your choice of music blows me away, i do all my work outs and exercise daily while listening to the incredible rhythms, so this 75 years young citizen thanks you all from the bottom of my heart….i hope you keep going for ever…best regards to all your staff xx

  3. waka says:

    come drink wif me sometime bro

  4. Robert Cowan says:

    Bloody nice stuff fellas. Track list?

  5. Sofiane Tib says:

    Great Vibe Willie !
    Thanks for your lovely selection !

  6. Sean Murray says:

    Shot brother willie!

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