Native Tongues

Monday 3-4pm with DYLAN C


100% NZ Music Show – Brought to you by NZ On Air

Launched in late 2011, Native Tongues is a 1hour show dedicated to uncovering the freshest in underground music from Aotearoa. From bedroom producers who are just starting out through to artists with multiple releases on international labels, Native Tongues showcases the true sound of the underground.

Presented by Dylan C, Native Tongues highlights new music & new artists to the show each week, focusing more on emcees, beatmakers, producers & electronic music.

Interact with the show live every Monday 3- 4pm – text number 379 or through TWITTER: @DylanC_c

Within an hour of Native Tongues going live to air, the show is uploaded to Mixcloud complete with full tracklist and links to explore more from the artists featured on the show. Check out the profile for show archives. –MIXCLOUD: Native Tongues (NZ Music Show)

Native Tongues concludes with the “Turn It Up” the local tune of the week, info can be found here.

MUSIC SUBMISSIONS: dylanc @ basefm . co . nz




  • Monday - 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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  1. chris cross says:

    loving your beats here in Coburg, Melbourne. been listenin for years and a huge fan. keep bumpin!

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