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Wednesday 12-2pm with Luke King, Zane:Tee, Kidnyte & Shane Hand

The Mixed Bizness show first appeared on the scene with DJ RIA steering the ship, dropping a heavy selection nu-skool funk, breaks, and chunky funk party jams. This show is the natural home for fans of the REGROOVED parties & REGROOVED sound.  Over the years the Mixed Biz crew has expanded to include Sammy G, Luke King, Mat Randomplay, Zane:Tee, Lowe1, Riki-K, Kidnyte and Shane Hand.


Luke King: With wide ranging musical interests, Luke comes from a background of funk, blues and soul. Nurtured through his teen years on chunky triphop and mid 90’s boom bap, marinaded and baked in heavy skankin’ reggae- then brought to the boil with funky breaks. His sets are full of flavour and always satisfy the audio appetite.


Zane:Tee: Lover of all things funky. Nu Funk, old funk, G funk, P Funk, funky gym socks.  All about the basslines, not the facetime.  All about the soul that will make a white man black.  Bangers and mashups. Bootlegs, but not the pants.  Likes to mix it all together with a pair of round spinning black wax holders, and a DJ blender with knobs and lights on it.


Kidnyte:Ever since Kidnyte was a young whipper snapper he was vibing to the likes of James Brown and Jackson 5, wishing for a fro and some slick moves.
Travel a little further down the line and he still doesn’t have an afro and the slick moves are questionable, but his taste in music is not. Funk is his main jam, and throwing in a bit of disco suits him down to the ground. Hip hop, funk and disco have been the cornerstones of Kidnyte’s musical influences. He loves to experiment with mashups of his favourite genres, and this often shapes the feel and vibe of his sets. Imagine a bit of Kanye mixed in with a bit of MJ and that will give you a good taste of his style.

Shane Hand


  • Wednesday - 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm


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    12 Responses

    1. Bec says:

      Am loving your mix today!!!!. making it so much easier to work with sounds like these.
      Thank you heaps!

    2. Rua Acorn says:

      Chur bro!
      (you probably dont say ‘chur’ there anymore though right…?)

    3. Rua Acorn says:

      nice work boys!
      still tuned in here in London town.

    4. Sarah says:

      oh dayumm Great mixes in the last few mins !! How can I run to this every day!!??

    5. Dave says:

      Hey guys. Wondering whatthe title / remix credits for the Nina Simone track that was played at 1:45 pm on the last show? ((Wed 4 May) and the two or three tracks you played after it which were awesome!

      Nuff respect.

      Dave (DJ Crucial D)

    6. Jono k says:

      Hey , just wondering what the instrumental track playing around 12.24 today 23/3 after
      ‘knock knock’- TY (dj spinna beyond real remix instrumental ) and before “you got the love”(Sam champ remix)- dj center

      A nice Rhodes tune with ‘check it out/you don’t stop’ vocal stabs

    7. bigkahunaburger says:

      What was the track you guys played that sampled Planet Caravan by Black Sabbath? Loved it.

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