Friday Drive

Friday 4-6pm with Zayn Kemp

Zayn Kemp has got the musical skills to pay the bills. In 2000 at 16 with an unconvincing fake ID, a stack of borrowed jungle and house records, he got his first set at Aucklands iconic club on Krd Calibre. Since then he has had a growing curiosity and drive to collect, create and be involved with music of all kinds.

His eclectic taste and style has seen him deejaying abroad, immersing himself deep within London and Berlin culture, as well as across the ditch in Austrailia and through South America.

Zayn has shared bills alongside legends such as DJ T, Kevin Saunderson, Sister Nancy, Earl Gateshead and DJ Vadim to name a few.

Now calling NZ home, keeping us well entertained with his cheeky grin and slick sound selection, which you can hear all around town and locked down, here every Friday from 4-6pm on Base FM Drive. 

Influences and genres – blues, punk, reggae, trashy pop and rap, hip hop, techno and house.


2 Responses

  1. Andre says:

    Hi mate,

    You played a song at 5:26pm ..l just got the end of it was a super chill and relaxing song, could you please let me know the song details if you can trace this back!?

    Cheers mate,


  2. Gregory Dunbar says:

    just herd funk ferret on the show when is he playing in christchurch

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