Eyes Down Bass Up / Fully Baked

Wednesday 10pm-Midnight with Ms. Curious and Logan Baker

‘Eyes Down Bass Up’ with Ms. Curious

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Arguably, the biggest advocate of Dubstep in Auckland’s underground dance scene, Ms. Curious’ passion for the scene was set a light in 2006 at what was possibly the most dismal gig on Auckland’s K Road that weekend… An Auckland breaks Promoter had given a then, little known in New Zealand sound called dubstep a go.

The gig flopped – at it’s peak there were 10 people on the dancefloor but Briar McGregor, a local underground radio station Account Manager, was a permanent fixture until the end of one of Jason Howson’s early dubstep set’s. Briar finally left the dancefloor thinking who was that DJ? What was he playing? It was then, stumbling home through the dodgy back streets of Krd, Briar realised her calling and Ms. Curious was born.

Not one to sit on her ass and think about it, Briar enrolled in DJ lessons, talked local electro producer and friend Tim Richards into lending her his Technic 1200’s, spent countless hours wagging work to hang out at Beat Merchants, Real Groovy, and Conch and embarked on a whirlwind tour of London’s biggest dubstep gigs.

Now back after 6 years in London you will hear her playing a much more diverse line up of bass heavy music, but she will always finish up with that Dubstep sound!


‘Fully Baked’ with Logan Baker


Festival maker, party starter, fun enhancer, techno lover and music slinger. Plumber and Gasfitter, Stage design and builder.
Since the early 2000’s Logan has been collecting vinyl, digital and djing around the world.  Some highlights have been, Fusion Festival, Katerblau, Golden Gate Berlin, Splore festival, Shipwrecked festival (NZ), Subsonic Festival (Australia), Strawberry Fields (Australia), Single Fin (Bali), Aum (NZ), Moscow with SCSI-9, Killing Time, Revolver, Breakfast Club (melb)and our local watering holes Ink Bar, Neck Of The Woods, Laundry.




  • Wednesday - 10:00 pm - 12:00 am

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