Drunk Elephant Soundsystem / Keep Moving

 Saturday 10pm – midnight (fortnight rotation)

Drunk Elephant Soundsystem with OOGUNKeep Moving with PIPPIN


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is from Nigeria and began DJing on UK Internet pirate radio station Interface and various clubs around London. He’s played everything from Afrobeat to Jungle to Detroit Techno. After moving to Auckland in 2006, he received his Elephant-herding certificate by proving he could handle an unruly elephant even after 15 pints of Jager and began to do the Drunk Elephant Sound System show (named after the realisation that dubstep sounds like a pissed elephant wandering thru the forest). It’s also the name of the label he runs to put out Dubstep.

He also produces Dubstep as OoGuN, which means there’s always a fair sprinkling of exclusive dubs from NZ and overseas producers.

aka “Jatin Puri” is an electronica music producer/DJ/Multi instrumentalist based in New Zealand. His genre-bending sound unfitted to just one box, is a unique blend of 2-step, dubstep, trip-hop and indie tunes. Jatin has performed in various cities across India, Australia and New Zealand over the past 5 years. On stage, Pippin blends his self produced electronica tunes, incorporating a couple of controllers and live percussions with his soulful live vocals. In his DJ sets however, he goes into different directions – from DnB to Techno to Indie Electronica.
Before Pippin, Jatin was a well established live performer who quickly gained a country wide reputation for his original and innovative take on varied forms of electronica and hip-hop. He was also a drummer in a metal band for 4 years. Jatin grew up in Lagos, Nigeria where music was always an integral part of his childhood as his mother is a piano teacher, vocal coach and composer. Pippin has been recognised by various music aficionados like Rolling Stone Magazine, Wild City, Homegrown, Platform Magazine, VH1 India, Border Movement, Little Black Book, Red Bull and Elle magazine among others and has featured on the line up of various festivals like Magnetic Fields, Sunburn Festival, NH7 Weekender, Off the radar, End of the line, Splore Festival, Earth Beat etc Follow Pippin on his Facebook page to keep updated with his latest releases and shows.


  • Saturday - 10:00 pm - 12:00 am

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  1. richard hamlin says:

    wicked tunes bro what was the track before this one mr metal something bless

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