Big Bot Radio

Saturdays 6pm-8pm

Founded in 2016 during a Saturday afternoon at Base FM’s “Faux show” it was decided that we need to get a night going where friends can drink beers and play tunes in a club environment. We contacted Whammy Bar at St Kevin’s arcade for a chance to host a night there, it was agreed and has been a success with the night being hosted bimonthly which totaled 13 great events. Come 2019 we have changed the style of events to start with a fresh idea of pop up gatherings at various places that start earlier and finish earlier to cater to a more diverse crowd.

The recipe is simple, good music, good atmosphere, keep it low cost but keep it fun. All Dj’s must play under a random pseudonym and play whatever music they want. This way we keep egos down and excitement up.

Aside from the events and radio we have launched a lineup of merch including hoods, tees, slips mats and head wear.

M&C has developed into a community supported by many artists and friends.

Catch us live on Base FM every Saturday Big Bot Radio 6-8pm

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Team leaders:
Pierre – co founder with Josh
Michael G – Big bot radio host
James M – Big bot radio host
Regan H – Big bot radio host

Key Members:
Michael H- Events
Paul – Merch and posters
Gemma – Instagram
Otis – All round top bloke


  • Saturday - 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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