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Wednesday 2pm-4pm withย ANIRVAN DEVA

Anirvan Deva’s multicultural sound crosses borders between world fusion, downtempo, hypnotic/melodic deep house but donโ€™t be surprised if it takes a side trip into broken beat, global bass or ancient mantras. What he plays depends strongly on the setting and atmosphere of “that” particular moment.

Originally from Italy, he moved to Auckland 7 years ago and has raised the vibration at many festivals (Prana Eco festival, Earth-Beat, Voices of the Sacred Earth, Vegans Eats/Hip-Hop Beats, NZ International Yoga Festival, Ananda Bliss Portugal, Cacaito Dance…) as DJ and as part of the kiirtan group Rawa Aotearoa.

Anirvan Deva produces also his own tracks and remixes. The concept behind his works is to share relevant and uplifting messages for a genuine revolution of the heart. He has been practicing mantra meditation and a vegan lifestyle for more than a decade and he is inspired by those people who are moved by a feeling of universal love and do their best to make this Planet a better place.

“Beneath The Surface” is a progressive sonic journey through the most diverse of genres and tempos to a deeper place of connection where the genre distinctions aren’t important, the content of the music is what matters.

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  • Wednesday - 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


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    1. IslaAnderson says:

      keinse1997_>>>Earn +185 usd/day, it’s here >>

    2. Barry Dapht One says:

      Nice mix!

    3. Kamal Ortiz says:

      Great set today!

    4. Madhumita says:

      Namaskar! Very nice, brotherji!!


      such groovy tunes with wonderful reminders on consciousness! super cool Anirvan playing on radio!!!

    6. Jyoti says:

      I hope Blockhouse Bay Intermediate School are all vibing to this

    7. Jyoti says:

      Hare Baba!!

    8. Gabriele says:


    9. Sharmaine says:


      What is the title of the song and artist played at 2:15pm today on Anzac day? Would be awesome if you let me know. Cheers Sharmaine

    10. Ninette says:

      Awesome set! Had me in a great zone the whole time!

    11. anirvan says:

      awesome Sushumna!!!! thank you for listening all the way from Italy even though is quite late there. Un grosso bacio ๐Ÿ˜€

    12. Sushumna says:

      Great!!! I follow Beneath the surface every week from Italy…for a real revolution of the heart. Congrats to the radio and to this wonderful DJ, his music, his deep messages

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