A Groove Theory

Monday 10am – 12pm with KIRK JAMES

The proud father of 2 beautiful daughters, Kirk is an aspiring Artist / Musician and a certified Vinyl Junkie and is best described with this quote: “Music is my sanctuary, Music is life”

After being involved in other stations around Auckland, Kirk found his musical home when he settled in at Base FM fulltime. With an open ear to many musical styles, you’ll hear a selection of Soul, Funk, Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, Hip Hop, 80’s classics, Breakbeat, Reggae and anything with a killer bassline. “I try to keep the show interesting for myself and most importantly for the listeners”.

“Getting my music out there is what I love to do”. With this in mind, Kirk has played various bars / clubs including Galatos, Verona, Tabac, Rakinos, Britomart Country Club, Barrio, Sale Street and Racket, aswell as the occasional party & other functions.

Catch Kirk James every week Monday 10am – midday for A Groove Theory, and joining the crew for The Boil Up, Thursdays 8 – 10pm.

Cloudcasts by Kirk James on Mixcloud


  • Monday - 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

9 Responses

  1. Tony Palm says:

    Hi Kirk
    Listening March 5 and heard a track you were loving around 11.15am. All I caught was ‘ Human beings and ‘… you said the album was nice and cinematic and it was on bandcamp – I would love to find it. I am on bandcamp so keen to know. Thanks so much.

  2. Paul Romaine says:

    Yo Brother, Just tuned in. great as usual!

  3. Bayley Blake says:

    Hey Kirk, love your show bro! Found you on Mixcloud. Aussie digital nomad travelling the world, currently in Spain. Always nice to have consistently sweet tunes where ever I am. Seems like you’ve taken some influence from Rob Luis / Tru Thoughts. Whether of not that’s the case, your format and delivery sound very reminiscent of his ‘Unfolds’ show…. He’s awesome so nice one! Keep it up man!

  4. Nick Williams says:

    You da man Kirk!!! Love yove your work!!


  5. Ray J says:

    Absolutely love ur selection! Listen every week in Montreal, Canada. Keep it up! Peace!

  6. Mike says:

    Hi who was that guy you played 20 year old tom …… Someone be greatful for his name

  7. Mike says:

    Hi who was that guy you played 20 year old tom …… Someone be greatful got his name

  8. Andrea says:

    Loving the jazzy dnb vibes…. track list?? 🙂

  9. Fealofani says:

    THANK YOU for this healing session of melody brother! (Especially after the horrendous weekend.)
    My dear friend CJ put me on to your show. wonderful wonderful!! Is there some where I can find who’s playing on the tracks. I’d love to purchase some of these nuggets of gold you have shared this morning…. Peace. xxx

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