5 Finger Discount

Sundays 2pm – 4pm with Leesh, DJ Roo & Kina  LeishPryceKina

The 5 Finger Discount family are a musically eclectic trio with personal tastes that cover every possible genre.  They come together for this show with a playlist that typically covers a range of beats from jazz-infused Hip-Hop, ambient down-tempo, funky instrumentals, a few soulful vocals, and the crunchy grit of experimental electronic from talented producers all over the world.

Feel free to contact any of them to discuss the show, ask where to find a certain track they played, submit a picture for the weekly uploads, send your own sting for the show, submit your beats or just to say “Hello”!

TWITTER: Leesh  @SomeKindaHolic | Kina @kinacuts | DJ Roo @PrycieRoo

CONTACT: the5fingerdiscount@gmail.com

MIXES : www.mixcloud.com/the5fingerdiscount

SHOWS & RELEASES: www.soundcloud.com/the5fingerdiscount



  • Sunday - 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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