Malty Media are Michael Upton (aka Jet Jaguar) and Stuart McDonald (aka Aquaboogie). Initially formed for a gig in Japan early in 2007, MM did a punishing stint on the after dinner cafe circuit in Wellington (2007/2008) and rocked with varying frequency (fortnightly – monthly) on the Malty Media Radio Show on Active (2008-2010). While doing all this they’ve found time to produce three EPs and contribute the very odd track ‘Mescaline Man’ to the Angry Rabbit compilation ‘…Apropos of Nothing’ (2008).

Malty Media specialise in electronica tinged with nostalgia, regret, embarrassment. Trippy despite not taking drugs, sincere despite their inanity, Malty Media are Dada with a capital hedgerow, and they put the ‘ch’ in ‘psychedelic’.

Taken from the 2-track release on the Angry Rabbit label, the gentle, tender “No Sparky” features pulsing rhythms and reverb swimming plus a bit of sonovox populi, while the lurid dub assault of Man vs Enema is a tribute to the extreeeme world of Bear Grylls.


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