Earlier this year Base FM featured the title tune from Jellphonic’s “Jell-O-Phone” EP, which was released exclusively on vinyl with no digital options to buy at all. Info on that EP here.

4 months later….

‘Due to a complete lack of interest in my 12″ I got the hottest hotshots in show business to remix my record which is available here’ – Jellphonic

Executive Hotshot – Jeremy Toy 

“Don’t just think about Jellphonic tonight, pick up the phone and call. If you’re lonely, confused, or just need a friend. He’s been waiting, waiting to hear from you. Hot, private and live 24 hours a day for adults only. It seems like 12 years since Jellphonic put out a 12”, but this release proves that he is still the baddest man in the whole damn town. 5 low brow cuts that celebrate the finer things in life, analog synths, minimal production and mindless funk. All on his own imaginary label too, Bon appetit!”via Modern Man Records


Jellphonic Remixes (Free Download)

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