EVENT: Troy Kingi, Electric Wire Hustle, Coco Solid, Mark Vanilau & Borrowed cs @Whammy Bar

1,000,000% Certified, Grade A++++++++ Live show!

A head-exploding, feel good, rollercoaster, tempeh roasting, no-frills boasting, night of soul music…

With Troy Kingi a gifted mofo who is a poet and all-round beautiful guy/bear/angel.

Coco Solid is also in the house and she’s a genius and she never plays live.

Electric Wire Hustle will perform one of their only shows for the year.

Borrowed cs is the illest Detroit techno producer on earth.

We also have Mark Vanilau who is my favourite singer-songwriter in NZ, his heartbreaking songs will hit you hard, so be ready to cry.

Bring your mother and your nephew and we’ll all get something out of it I promise.


Where: Whammy Bar, Auckland

When: Saturday, February 3 at 9 PM til late.

Cost: $40.00 GA tickets from www.undertheradar.co.nz


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