Dylan C – Programme Director

In the mid 90s Dylan C didn’t have a turntable and wasn’t listening to Nas, Tribe Called Quest, The Pharcyde, G-Funk or the Wu Tang Clan.

Instead, he had a Marshall stack and was the guitarist in Te Puke’s greatest death metal band “Fatal Abuse” (true story). Carcass, Sepultura & Obituary were the artists of the day.

After witnessing Slayer conquer the Auckland Town Hall in ’95, he decided it was time to move on. The next day he traded in his Cannibal Corpse collection for Dj Krush “Turntablized” & Tricky’s “Maxinquaye”. The beats were dark, the vocals minimal and this gradually let to an appreciation of all things trip hop and eventually drum & bass.

After completing a Bachelor of Music in Composition & Production he followed his calling to the nations Capital just as the D&B and roots movement in Wellington were starting to bloom. The Drop hadn’t recorded anything yet, Trinity were recording their 1st EP, Bass Frontiers were nursing the subculture @ Studio 9, Matterhorn & Fidels were in their pre-renovated states and Giles Peterson set the standard for diverse and informative radio shows via RadioActive.

After moving to Auckland in 2003, he decided to start collecting some vinyl bits and pieces – Bfm & Rakinos were his apprenticeship. He defected to BASE FM during its first few weeks on air and has held on to the Saturday afternoon spot, 2-4pm, ever since.
The Headspace is an eclectic 2 hour journey through Ninja Jazz, Funk & Reggae, Downtempo, Blunted Hip Hop, Dubstep & classic Drum & Bass.

Regular gigs around town has seen him play at Rakinos (Loop Sessions residency), Blowfish, Tabac, Malt, Verona, Aveia and Suite among others. Dj support slots include The Blackseeds/Opensouls @ The St James, Rhythm & Vines main stage 2006/2007, Splore 2006, Lothlorien Rhythm Festival 2006 & 2007 and numerous dj sets up at The Leigh Sawmill.

He still doesn’t own turntables & his most prized possession is a custom 70’s Fender Strat.

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  1. Julian Fairshare says:

    Greetings Dylan. C from Julian fairshare hope all is well. I’ve met with techno Dj James Barret and maria and maria has a club she owns in n.z. ..basically we have a 7inch vinyl now available. I wanted to send you a promo package via email! Hope to hear from you soon. One love n blessingz

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