MONDAY 23rd April, 2012

This week Base FM will be giving away 2 new albums from Tom Everett aka MC Speakeasy. Released simultaneously, the separate projects reveal 2 sides to the artist: the singer, and the rapper.

Album #1: VERY TALL STORIES “Open Eyes”

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Tom Everett started Very Tall Stories in the warm awesomeness of Studio 166 as an MPC based live band. Moving away from the more Hip Hop-based projects he had previously been involved with (Kolab), this project was a chance to incorporate a more soulful vibe with song-based compositions.

The band soon expanded to include Shaun Okane and Olly Harris (The Hot Grits / Kolab) as the horn section, Dan Collins (P-Bass Expressway) on bass, Simon Koziarski (Harbour City Electric / Sidesteps Quintet / Si-Res) on guitar, Kurt Dyer (Solaa / Dj Tido) on percussion and Mikey Rockwell on drums.

Very Tall Stories “Open Eyes” is available on limited edition CD or digital release on itunes:

Artwork by Paul Walsh

Album #2: SPEAKEASY SIDESHOW “Moon Money”

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Speakeasy Sideshow sees Tom using the alias MC Speakeasy, 9 tracks of laid back boom bap. While previous band Kolab delivered a more upbeat, party side of Hip Hop, Speakeasy Sideshow is a more stripped back album a raw production style, which gives plenty of space for the lyrics to breathe.

The locals producers on this album include Si-Res (Sidesteps Quintet), who contribute 6 tracks from the album, and Haz Beats (Home Brew / Team Dynamite) & P-Money (Dirty) contributing 1 beat each.

Speakeasy Sideshow is also available as a limited edition CD or digital release on itunes:

Artwork by Paul Walsh

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