CARDBOARD & COMPUTERS ‘The Best Ones (MISLED CONVOY’S Fragmentation remix)’

Cardboard & Computers was launched late 2016 with an art show and a single ‘The Best Ones’. Held at Lot23, This multimedia project consisted of maverick art-brand Weston Frizzell (Otis Frizzell and Mike Weston), generative image experimentalist and electronic jazz maestro Tom Ludvigson (of Trip to the Moon), plus guests contributors including latin percussionist Tony Escapa (Ricky Martin band) and local shredder guitarist Evan Short (Concord Dawn). Check the video of the original ‘The Best Ones’ below.


This week Base FM features the Misled Convoy remix of ‘The Best Ones’ – taken from the remix bundle of tunes from Cardboard & Comuters RMXd. Misled Convoy is the solo project of Mike Hodgson from Pitch Black,


CARDBOARD AND COMPUTERS RMXd – The Party is the latest installment, creating an art and music event destined for the dance floor. On Saturday 16th September they return to their old stomping ground of Karangahape Rd, the birthplace of their collaboration, to present a mixing and remixing of art, music, dance, politics, and people. Transforming K’rd hotspot Neck Of The Woods with an art exhibition featuring new paintings prints and video art from Weston Frizzell and Tom Ludvigson, with an innovative video and LED screen installation by Lo Tech. On the musical front, the event showcases the Cardboard and Computers Megamix dancers Rina Chae and The Street Candee crew, an uninterrupted dance floor journey by DJ supreme Greg Churchill, plus the ticket price includes download codes of a bunch of new remixes from David Harrow, Greg Churchill, Go Nuclear, Dick Johnson, Joost Langveld and Misled Convoy (aka Mike Hodgson – Pitchblack).

Check the event page for more info!


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