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OPENSOULS 'Kaleidoscope'

OPENSOULS ‘Kaleidoscope’


Released April 2006 on From The Crate / Rhythmethod

It took 5 years to create the debut Opensouls album Kaleidoscope, which originally started as sketches back in 2001 on Otas MPC2000. Ota aka Jeremy Toy, pulled together a remarkable group of musicians over those 5 years, the Opensouls band made up of Bjorn Petersen & Tyra Hammond [vocals], Chip Matthews [bass], Isaac Aesili [trumpet], Scott Towers [sax], Stephanie Brown [keyboards], Buttafingers [turntables], Julien Dyne [drums] and Jeremy himself [guitar/MPC2000].

Three of the band have traveled to South Africa, Rome and Seattle as part of the Red Bull Music Academy, the music, experiences & inspiration informing Kaleidoscope, as much as the groups constant gigging and appearances at festivals such as Soundsplash & Rippon. Many of the group are experienced musicians, with members of well known underground and overground NZ groups such as Solaa, Hollie Smith Band, Fat Freddys Drop, Che Fu & The Krates making up the Opensouls band.

Kaleidoscope is 16 tracks deep with production from the beatmaker that brought to light In Your Hands and Turn It Up!, Jeremy Toy, with co-production from Julien Dyne. The album was mastered in LA by Dave Cooley, mastering engineer for Stones Throw Records [Madlib, J Dilla etc.] who has also worked with David Axelrod and Queens Of The Stone Age.


Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. The Optimist
3. What Do You Do?
4. Latin Joint
5. They Dont Even Know
6. 12345
7. Turn It Up!
8. Angles
9. Moving On
10. Whatever
11. Morena
12. Falling In
13. Showbiz
14. In Your Hands
15. Rise Up [Pt. 1]
16. Rise Up [Pt. 2]

Kaleidoscope was later re-released with a bonus disc featuring instrumental versions of all the songs.

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