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The following article appeared was publish at www.nzmusic.org.nz (22nd April, 2014)

Estère, the girl with the MPC she calls Lola, releases her debut album today on Tuesday 22nd April as a free download via www.estere.bandcamp.com.

Featuring seven tracks, the album was recorded at Blue Barn Studios in Wellington during the course of 2013. Before heading into the studio, Estère pre-produced, arranged and recorded all the songs off her album onto her MPC Lola. She then went into Blue Barn Studios to re-record, polish and lay down vocals for the final album mix.

Track one on the album, Reptilian Journey, is one of the first beats Estère ever made and pays homage to the 320 million year long existence of reptiles. “I wanted the movement of the beat in Reptilian Journey to tell a story in itself. It makes me think of a little lizard crawling its way across a desert.”

I Spy, the song to which Estère’s debut music video was released, describes the character of greedy man, who eats ALL the cake, painting an analogy of the economic and social disparities that exist in our world today.

Culture Clash and Cruel Charlie were initially recorded in her bedroom at the end of 2012 and released as demos via Soundcloud. Both garnered attention from International Blogs and B-net radio stations. Cruel Charlie is an ode to a fictional ex boyfriend and Culture Clash explores the complete whole that can be born of two very different halves.

This album represents part of Estère’s journey with Lola. “I wanted this album to be a true reflection of my progress as a beat maker and song writer. I wanted it to retain the unpolished sound of those late nights that Lola and I stayed up, bedroom window open, half eaten toast on the desk. That’s why once I was in the studio I didn’t change much of what Lola and I had already written.”

In October 2013 Estère also embarked on the Red Bull Prodigy collaborative project with Washington D.C/ New York Producer Oddisee, which saw them spend two weeks in a studio together, making music. They subsequently released three songs, Flashlight, Curtains Down and Noon.

Estère and her MPC Lola live shows are idiosyncratic and expressive.

You can download the album on bandcamp here and stream the album on soundcloud here.


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