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FUNKOMMUNITY 'Chequered Thoughts'


FUNKOMMUNITY ‘Chequered Thoughts’

Released July 2012 on Melting Pot Music

Funkommunity, who have since changed their name to Sorceress, released their debut album in 2012. Both Isaac Aesili and Rachel Fraser had spent years touring, recording and collaborating with some of the country’s top artists, but ‘Chequered Thoughts’ saw the two come together to finally create something of their own. Rachel Fraser had gained attention for her warm, soul heavy voice on Recloose track ‘Catch A Leaf’ while Isaac Aesili was well known for his work with Open Souls, Solaa, Recloose Live and Eru Dangerspiel. He’d also co-written songs with Aaradhna, Ladi6, Hollie Smith, Mara TK and Julien Dyne.

Isaac and Rachel first worked together on Recloose, but when they came together as Funkommunity they created a new and distinct sound all of their own. What was initially a duo quickly became a five piece live soul band.

From the album’s sleeve notes on bandcamp :

According to the enviable density of talented electronic-soul heads in New Zealand, the credits of ‘Chequered Thoughts’ read like a mere who-is-who of kiwi soul visioneers – with Julien Dyne on drums/percussion, and Christoph El Truento aka DJ Truent and Taay Ninh (Electric Wire Hustle) on the controls. Thus, ‘Chequered Thoughts’ really turned out to be THE quintessential kiwi soul manifesto the down under scene deserves. “New Zealand is lucky to have such a healthy soul music community, we are like one big family“, says Isaac with regards to the special chemistry New Zealand musicians seem to have. “My soul bro Taay from Electric Wire Hustle already knew Rachel from when we were working with her in Solaa, and Christoph El Truento is one of the most exciting new producers here in New Zealand. He sent us some demos which included a beat that we eventually turned into ‘Dandilion’. And Julien Dyne is one of my mentors, i have been collaborating with him for years so it was dope to get him on cymbals, percussion and synthetic textures. His parts were like the icing on the cake.”

Track like ‘The Light’, ‘What You Give’, ‘Dandilion’ and ‘Pass It On’ quickly became favourites on Base FM and are still heavily in rotation.

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