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TRINITY ROOTS 'Home, Land and Sea'

TRINITY ROOTS ‘Home, Land and Sea’


Home, Land and Sea review by Sian Bennett, from www.amplifier.co.nz via NZ Musician.
Released August 2004.

The second offering from TrinityRoots is roots and reggae of the purest kind. Steeped in mystique, flavoured with jazz and infused with soul, there is a sense of timelessness and space present on this album. There is no rush. There are no radio edits. Everything has its place, ebbing and flowing accordingly. From the opening track Aotearoa‚ “a heartfelt and spiritual ode to our Motherland”, TrinityRoots delve deep into the magical soil of this country. The hypnotic Longs I For You creeps and crawls its way through the subconscious, All We Be is an inspiring call to step up and realise your own potential. The album is woven throughout with soundbites from friends and whanau with The Dream evocative of a late afternoon jam session. Alongside TrinityRoots members Warren Maxwell, Rio Hemopo and Riki Gooch, Hollie Smith also contributes an understated and appealing vocal style. Recorded at their Wellington studio, The Surgery, with audio whiz Lee Prebble on engineering and shared production duties, ‘Home Land and Sea’ succeeds in capturing an essence of that which is unique to Aotearoa.

The digital re-release of ‘Home, Land and Sea’ also features 2 bonus live recordings.

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