Salads / Random Acts Of Base

Wednesday 8-10pm with PK, Chef D & Nealsky 

Alternating weekly, “Salads” with Chef D & Nealsky / “Random Acts Of Base” with PK



Damon / Daze / Daisy / Chef D – known by many names and when behind the decks pulls out just as many styles. Another Base FM original, Chef D throws all the ingredients into the salad, and the magic really happen when he start to add the dressing…

Boogie / Beats / Bounce

“touch yourself”



Philip Kelly has been collecting records for over 30 years. His involvement with electronic music culture spans late 80s visits to the legendary Hacienda in Manchester, mid 90s Metalheadz nights at London’s Blue Note and a decade living in NYC dancing at Body & Soul and Deep Space – as well as making many visits to Detroit during this time.

He works as a graphic designer and has produced vinyl packaging for a wide array of labels including: Kompakt (Cologne), Statra (NYC), Defected (UK), Still Music (Chicago) and Mahogani Music (Detroit). PK was a regular DJ at renowned Lower East Side venue NuBlu during the early 2000s and returned to NZ in 2010.

His sets on Base are played from vinyl and his selections are a reflection of his wide ranging taste – from vintage jazz, soul and dub, to all manner of contemporary dancefloor goodness – everything is possible on Random Acts of Base. NZ dance music maverick Harry The Bastard regularly joins PK to provide extra weight with select cuts from his archive of the finest vinyl gleaned from 20+ years working in the record biz in London and NYC.



  • Wednesday - 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

3 Responses

  1. Diesel says:

    Epic tunes ! Serious Salads, mantis at work! thanx Chef D meca!

  2. Diesel says:

    long times! Choice Show Daze! first timer online..Best sounds on here though bruda! Diesel clear! lol

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