Just Chillin

Sunday 4-6pm with DJ MKĀ andĀ MARVIN

MK x Marvin



  • Sunday - 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

5 Responses

  1. Roland says:

    Still tucking your shirt in I see.

  2. kerrin says:

    hey boys. allways dign your tunes. Realy would like to book you guys for a gig next year. My email :
    kerrin.doherty@hotmail.com Keep the good grooves flowing.

  3. Lindel says:

    Great mix as usual. Tops

  4. Lindel says:

    Too good DJ Msholozi Kanda.

  5. James M says:

    Do you guys have a playlist of what you just played? Need some of those songs!!

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