Base Philosophy

Base FM is a community station for upcoming and established talent to broadcast on. The music that we promote has influenced generations and we aim to increase awareness and appreciation for sub genres. The station is based on a two hour mix show format meaning that each slot is a showcase of a DJs record collection rather than two hours of pre-programmed automation. Base FM promotes community events as community will promote the station.

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We support exhibitions, gigs, local businesses, DJs, artists and all other aspects of the local Grey Lynn area. This is not and will never be a commercial station. We promote respect for music giving equal airtime opportunities for local and international acts.









Our lineup consists of some of the best artists and producers in NZ music today – DLT, Chip Matthews (Opensouls), Scratch 22 (The Unscene), Dan Paine, Bugsy, Lo Key, Junior, Dylan C, 00Afro and so many more.

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