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FryBread Radio

Sundays 8am -10am with Mark Yela and ReggieD

Frybread Radio is easy Sunday morning sounds the whole family can enjoy as well as soothing the souls and heads of those of you who are probably just waking up from a big night out.

Mark Yela (On the right)

A random mixtape of DJ Pottz playing on student radio in ChCh, coupled with a 12' sub in the back of a mates 323, began Yela's never ending hunt for 'that perfect baseline'. Influenced by mid/late 90's jungle and all things DnB, Yela's move to AK in 2001 intesified the need for that large, low, round bassline. Spending the next 9 years listening to as much local, and international music as his bank balance allowed, Yela's crate is now a broad spectrum of bassline orientated music.

"Anything from King Tubby, to DeLaSoul, to Skream and in-between, if its' got a bassline I'm in"

15 years on he still cant find 'that bassline' and has now lost his wallet too.

ReggieD (On the left)

The straight up Hip Hop lovin' member of the FryBread family, ReggieD also has a taste for neo-soul and a penchant for female vocalists like Jill Scott and Goaple and so often spends Sunday mornings making things a little soulful and steamy between fresh, new Hip Hop tracks. Being a child of the 80's his humble beginnings came in the form of a MC Hammer cassette, quickly followed up by a Warren G CD and from there the seed was sown. He has been on the hunt for the latest and greatest in conscious, underground hip hop ever since, and certainly shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon! When not lacing beats ReggieD is responsible for designing and managing Australasia's finest residential sound systems. As an audio connoisseur he brings a unique set of skills to his fellow FryBreadren.
ReggieD ties up the FryBread fam with his ability to experience Saturday night, then bring the party back to the Breakfast show, with nothing but quality beats and witty remarks, largely aimed at his bro Mark Yela.

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